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It can now be compared to or even surpass natural diamonds, to the point where jewelry experts cannot distinguish it with the naked eye or a low magnification lens. In addition to being able to synthesize yellow and colorless diamonds,It can also synthesize the extremely rare blue and pink diamonds in natural diamonds.

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On the afternoon of October 20, Henan Shining Diamond Co., Ltd. held an anniversary event. All staff gathered together to celebrate the first anniversary of the company's establishment. "This event...

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Henan Shining Diamond Co., Ltd., headquartered in Zhengzhou City, high-tech, Cyberport, Xiyue City, the first phase of the production base is located in Yanjin County Industrial Club in Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Established on July 26, 2022. The main businesses include cultivating diamond manufacturing, artificial diamond single crystals and its products manufacturing, diamond jewelry manufacturing, metal tool manufacturing, mold manufacturing, hardware manufacturing, jewelry retail, jewelry wholesale, new material technology research and development, etc. Our company's products are widely used in aerospace, national defense, automobiles, machinery, glass, stone, electronics, precision knives, jewelry and other fields, we are devoted to becoming a mainstream international jewelry supplier.

The company cooperates closely with the National Super Material Laboratory of Jilin University. The core team is led by the doctoral supervisor of Jilin University. With the core technology of artificial diamond single crystal synthesis,we are the leader in the industrialization of high temperature and high -pressure artificial diamond single crystal synthesis technology in China.  we has a high reputation in the industry by developed high-temperature,high-pressure color diamond and full series of color diamonds successfully.

The doctoral manager of production site has been engaged in the production management of the artificial diamond for more than ten years,and he has accumulated rich experience in technical improvement,equipment management and production personnel management.

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